Review of Risk is a Four-Letter Word by Erin M. Leaf

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 1 comments
Title of Book: Risk is a Four-Letter Word
Author: Erin M. Leaf
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Length: 108 pages
Rating: 4 stars
Primary Relationship: MMF
Other Relationship(s): n/a
Category or Genre: Contemporary
Does this Review contain spoilers? No
Did you own this already, or was a review copy provided to you? Owned already.
Has this review been posted before? No. 

I took a chance and picked up this book by an author that I was not familiar with, just because I liked the title. Well and the fact that the main female character shared my name.

How many chance encounters with your soul mates does it take before you realize that you’ve found what you didn’t even know you were looking for? And even when you realize it, is it possible for it to put convention aside and make it work?

Interior designer Carrie, first encounters high-end furniture makers, Eric and Zeke, when she loses her bikini top, and they come to her rescue by finding it. In payment they ask for a kiss. Two very hot kisses later, they part ways without ever exchanging anything beyond the kiss and first names.

During their second encounter in the Museum of Modern Art, where another scorching hot kiss is exchanged in a family restroom of all places, Eric and Zeke reach the epiphany that they aren’t just attracted to Carrie, but also to each other. Risking a 20 year friendship they realize that love has been in front of them all along. However, they aren’t quite ready to let Carrie get away.

Their third encounter finds them all in the ER, where the Eric makes Carrie very aware that they want her in between them, however they still haven’t even exchanged contact information at this point. The 4th meeting finds Carrie at their place of business with a client in tow, where they finally get Carrie’s number, and set up a date.

Each ensuing encounter causes the heat level to rise. Real life problems interfere. Eric’s homophobic mother, Zeke’s jealous teenage sister, along with misunderstandings, major freak outs and fear of the unknown seem pretty determined for things to not work out.

I really enjoyed Erin Leaf’s writing style, and her characters, although I felt that the supporting characters really could have been developed a little bit more, because for me often it's the supporting characters that make the story. This was definely not the case here. The main characters were likable, with plenty of personality. I really liked the inner dialogue of the characters. I also really enjoyed the fact that they weren’t all in love by page 4 of the book. Each scene and location was beautifully described. I feel as though the timeline, and the situations were a lot more realistic than so many that are found within the romance genre. The relationship didn’t feel forced or rushed. The sex scenes were steamy but always progressed the story.

All in all this is a great read with a HEA ending. It was an easy read, with no major hangups for me, other than my ever present complaint that it could have been longer, and that perhaps some of the issues were resolved a little too quickly or not really at all, but I am definitely glad I took a chance on this one.

I will surely seek out other works by Erin Leaf.

Reviewed by Carrie Ann, obsessive reader of everything. I also review LGBTQ romance at Smoocher's Voice. (BlogTwitter | Goodreads)


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