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Welcome to our brand new review blog, More Than This. We do menage... with or without the accent aigu, from the pretentious and precious to the down-and-dirty porny and everything in between. Or on top, or on the bottom! We're not picky. We'll do polyamory romances if we can find them, as well.

I (Violetta Vane) am administering this blog, but all the reviewers are independent and bring very different tastes to the table.

Please check out our About page to discover the scope of our reviews. And here's a sneak peak at some of our upcoming Tuesday original reviews:

Haevyn - Darcy Abriel - MMF
Hour of the Lion - Cherise Sinclair - MFM
Risk is a Four-Letter Word - Erin M. Leaf - MMF
Abiogenesis - Kaitlyn O'Connor - MMF
The Garden of Eden - Ernest Hemingway - MFF (yes, that Hemingway)
Beyond Eden - Kele Moon - MMF
Cardinal's Rule - Tymber Dalton - MMF
Light Switch - Lauren Gallagher - MFM

We'll also be re-posting older reviews from our Goodreads or blogs on Thursdays.

Our perspective is eclectic, fun, and honest. Please stick around and subscribe to our feed or follow us if you love (or think you have it in your heart to love) this wonderful sort of stuff.


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